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Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Check back for upcoming Boot Camp dates!

Boot camp takes a tough riding lesson to the next level, or levels depending on my mood. Haha


You must already be jumping courses to do one of the groups, However if you're a beginner who wants a taste of torture contact me and I'll add another group if there is enough interest.


Open to all ages of riders. School horses are to be scheduled for one group only per day so will be based on First-Come-First-Serve basis.


What I say goes... be ready to work with and without stirrups... and always remember... NO PAIN NO GAIN!!!

$60 per person per day
*Must let me know which day/s participating


Group 1:


For those rider's that do 2'-2'3" will begin at 10:00am


Group 2:


for those rider's that do 2'6" will begin at 12:00pm


Group 3:


for those rider's that do 2'9"-3' will begin at 2:00pm


Group 4:


for those rider's that do over 3' will begin at 4:00pm


*if you have a question on which section is best for you please email Dawn @


**If you are not to a level of jumping courses and are interested in a beginners section please email me and if enough interest I will add a group to start the day at 8:30am.


***if you ride an OORF school horse you are only permitted to do Group 1.  Email if youre not sure of something.

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