Leasing Guidelines:


Full Lease:

1. There will be an annual lease fee depending on the horse.

2. Lessee will be responsible for the following costs:

    a.  Board

    b.  Shoeing

    c.  Vet/Dental

    d.  Etc... (any costs that occur during the lease period)

    e.  Must replace any broken or damaged tack or items belonging to the horse or OORF used by lessee during the lease period that was not broken or damaged prior to start of lease.


Practice rides:


$50/per ride:  30 minute total on horse maximum, must include min of 7 to 10 minutes of walking within that time. To schedule, email Dawn @ outofreachinc@gmail.com


*Scheduling will be done on a horse availability basis.


Off site Horse Showing:   


$75/horse rental fee   If interested in showing please email Dawn @ outofreachinc@gmail.com


*There will be NO sharing of horses at horse shows.