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Out of Reach Farm's riders compete in a variety of shows ranging from local farm shows to nationally rated shows at venues like Devon, Radnor Hunt, Ludwig's Corner & Saugerties, NY. Whatever level of competition you might be interested in, Out of Reach Farm's Trainers are here to guide you step-by-step through the process.


TRAINING:   $75 per person. *if only 1 rider showing the training will be $100.00/day

HORSE RENTAL FEE (for day shows):  $100


TRAILERING:  prices are per horse


Radnor:  $75

Two Bit Farm:  $100

Ardara Sport:  $100

Wyndsor:  $100

Ludwig's Corner:  $100

Duncraven:  $175

Horse Park of NJ:  $200.00

East Freehold:  $210


There will be NO HORSE SHARING at any shows other than the OORF Series shows.


Riders are responsible for all care/prep from bathing, tack & gear, cleaning, loading, unloading and handling at the show... & everything in between! horse be bathed, cleaned up properly and all tack cleaned before the show and that the horse be cleaned properly and put away after show as well as all tack cared for after too.


Check the LINK below for our monthly Show Schedule:


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