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Dawn Taylor-Bell

Owner & Trainer

I began riding when I was 7 years old and felt such a passion and obsession that I knew then that I would be with horses forever. Over my years of riding I discovered the challenge of working with young (green) ponies and horses and began the process of teaching others what I had learned. It soon became clear to me that I wanted to give back everything I could to the sport of riding and in 1997 I opened Out of Reach Farm and started a new chapter in my life as an instructor, trainer and care-giver. Today I am thrilled to see the members of OORF become part of my family and appreciate the sport of riding along with the respect and love that horses give us. I love being a part of making people's dreams come true every day.

Lauren Ranji

Lauren Ranji

Farm Manager & Trainer

I knew I wanted to ride horses from the minute I first saw one, and when I was 6 years old I convinced my parents to take me to horse camp, and later start lessons. I always had a knack for the sport and when I moved to Out of Reach Farm when I was 10, I fell in love with it even more! Over the years I started to horse show more frequently and have had the privilege of owning some amazing horses. Now my passion for horses has also turned into my job. I still enjoy showing my horse as well as getting the opportunity to ride and show client’s horses from the farm, along with being the full time manager at the farm I also get to teach lessons to people of all ages. From the away horse shows to the in-barn shows we host, I not only get to spend time with and teach amazing people, but I get to see them fall in love with riding as much as I have!

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