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Out of Reach Farm's annual horse show series. There are normally 4 - 8 shows in the series taking place at OORF's indoor & outdoor venues.

Start Time 9:00 a.m.   

Schooling until 8:45 a.m.

$20 per class

Pre-entries are appreciated

10 min. schooling breaks will be offered before each division.

1 Lead Line Walk                                
2 Lead Line W/T                                
3 Lead Line Off Lead                          


4 Walk Trot “walk only”              
5 Walk Trot “Equitation                
6 Walk Trot “pleasure”                


7 Mini Stirrup “walk only”                
8 Mini Stirrup W/T                    
9 Mini Stirrup over 2 poles                

10 Short Stirrup W/T                    
11 Short Stirrup W/T/S                
12 Short Stirrup over 2 X’s


13 Beginner Rider W/T                
14 Beginner Rider W/T/C                
15 Beginner Rider Over 4 X’s                





16 Pleasure Pony W/T

17 Pleasure Pony W/T/C

18 Pleasure Pony Over 4 X’s

19 Pleasure Horse W/T

20 Pleasure Horse W/T/C

21 Pleasure Horse O/F

22 Novice Equitation W/T

23 Novice Equitation W/T/C

24 Novice Equitation O/F 2'


25 Pony/Horse Hunter O/F 2'

26 Pony/Horse Hunter O/F Handy 2'

27 Pony/Horse Hunter under saddle


Classes are $20/class, Pre-entries are welcome!

Show will start at 9:00 am! Ring will be open for schooling until 8:45am.


*Diagonals not to count for classes 1-9.

**Will canter individually or in small groups for class 12…trainers need to advise!!

***Cross entering is allowed.

****Schooling before EACH division will be held for 10 minutes!

*****Divisions will be split/combined as management sees fit.




1st Place:  

2nd Place:  

3rd Place:  

4th Place:  

5th Place:  

6th Place:   



Reserve Champion:









10 Points

6  Points

4  Points

3  Points

2  Points

1  Point


10 Points

6  Points



Over Fences

Cross Fences

Under Saddle (no Jumping)

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